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Paving slabs, patio slabs, garden paving online shop - All of our paving stones and porcelain paving slabs have been designed specifically to create a durable, long-lasting, and attractive patio space including natural stone slabs such as granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate slabs, as well as porcelain paving slabs.

No matter the colour and size of your patio garden or how your fancy project plans and designs are, whether you opt for grey paving slabs to black paving slabs, you won't struggle to find your favourite colours of paving slab in Stone Paving Direct, our exceptional collection can bring the popular idea to life with multiple colours, materials and finished to choose from. Our attractive paving slabs and patio slabs are ideal for use in external space. These garden paving slabs are suitable applications include garden, patio‚ pathways, square, driveway, market places, and streetscapes.

All the paving slabs, patio slabs, garden paving of Stone Paving Direct Ltd are sourced from own and partner quarries and factories directly, the porcelain paving slabs are directly sourced from the world-class manufacturer - Simola Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. We are marketing paving slabs for trade and public across the UK.

Our paving slabs, patio slabs, garden paving are a very popular application choice around the patio garden on residential properties. They are very flexible paving materials that can be applied to the smallest or largest area around the backyard. Our paving slabs and patio slabs are a very beneficial application because of the very colours, sizes, and shapes option as well as the multiple material choices. Also, our paving slabs and patio slabs are very popular on commercial properties because they offer that fantastic on the traffic outdoors and create a stylish and unique appearance.

Saving money by an expert team of supply chain

We always supply affordable paving slabs to the homeowners for the patio garden, our aim is to supply paving slabs at the best prices among the best quality. Because we are in quarry and factory position, as well as our partnered are quarry and factory owners, we like to pass on the competitive advantages of our supply chain to costumers.

Getting outstanding quality paving slabs by supply chain experts.

Our major shareholders have a professional background in paving stones industry. They have been engaged in natural stone processing and trading of the supply chain for about 30 years. They have been bringing their own granite paving to the United Kingdom with Indian sandstone, limestone, porcelain paving, as well as Brazilian slate which are produced by global partnered quarries and factories. Their rich experience in the stone paving industry makes us always finding the origin of the premium quality paving slabs, whether you are looking after grey paving slabs to black paving slabs.

We constructed the long-term partnership with the factories and quarries with the only best quality management and sell high-quality paving slabs in the world without compromising the quality requirements. Our products have gained wide acclaim in the world, and of course, the UK customers are our priority.

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